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SMART’s Citizen Advisory Committees

Measure Q, approved by nearly 70 percent of voters in Marin and Sonoma Counties in the Nov. 4, 2008, general election, requires the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District to establish a Citizens Oversight Committee with specific duties as spelled out in the ballot measure. In addition, the SMART Board of Directors may establish ad-hoc citizen committees to help plan other elements of the 70-mile passenger train and pathway project.

There are no current vacancies on the Citizens Oversight Committee.

Citizens Oversight Committee – The Measure Q Expenditure Plan requires this committee as part of its  Implementing Guidelines, specifically: “A Citizens Oversight Committee will be established by the SMART Board to provide input and review on the Strategic Plan and subsequent updates.” The plan goes on to state that “SMART will prepare a Strategic Plan, based on the commitments in this Expenditure Plan, prior to July 2009. The Strategic Plan will identify planned investments in capital implementation, operations and maintenance for the duration of the tax. The Strategic Plan will be updated at least every five years and approved by the SMART Board of Directors. The Strategic Plan will be developed with input from the public and the Citizens Oversight Committee.”

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